Beaches on Greek island Spetses are divided into those which are in the town, and those in the outer-lying districts.
To reach the beaches out of town, there are kaikis leaving the Dapia everyday at around 11.30am -12pm, or when they are full, whichever comes first! There is also a reliable bus-service which runs two routes, one leaving from the Town Beach (Agios Mammas) and going east all the way to Agia Paraskevi, and the other leaving from the Posseidonion Hotel on the Dapia which goes west as far as Vrellou Beach.
Both the town beaches and the more distant beaches have good facilities on-hand, and with the larger ones offering tavernas and water sports, making for rest and relaxation from the morning to the night.
There are also some smaller, more secluded and quiet beaches around the island's coast-line, which can be reached by various modes of transport, but by far the best of those are the ones which you may only discover and approach by sea.

College Beach (also known as Kaiki Beach). At the north-west end of town, it is fully equipped, with beds and umbrellas and a bar, plus a wide range of water-sports.

Kounoupitsa, Agios Nikolas and Agios Mammas (also known as Town Beach), are all found within the confines of Spetses town and can be easily reached on foot.

Agia Marina, a well-equipped, much-frequented beach, at the south-eastern edge of the island is situated in a tree-clad bay, and offers water sports, as well as a restaurant and beach-bar.

Agious Anargyrous, also well-equipped and much-frequented, this pebble beach, in a pine-clad bay, offers similar facilities to Agia Marina, as far as food and water-fun are concerned, plus the famed Bekiri's Cave, a natural sight worth seeing.

Agia Paraskevi is close to Anargyri, and also has many visitors taking advantage of the beds and umbrellas. There are pine trees reaching right down the beach, and among them nestle a small, beautiful church, and a taverna.

Kouzounos is on the south-eastern side of Spetses, opposite from Spetsopoula.

Xylokeriza. Organised beach to the south of the island.

Kamares. In a well-hidden bay on the western side of Spetses.

Zogheria. Twin, north-facing bays, with pine trees down to the water's edge and a lovely taverna.

Vrellos, to the north-west, now boasts an exotic beach bar with music for fun among the pines.

Ligoneri also north-west, but smaller and quieter, here an enormous plane tree provides the shade instead of umbrellas.


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