The Greek Island Spetses has the major advantage over other destinations in Greece, of combining a holiday of interest to both the nature freak and the clubbing fanatic! Particularly when it comes to the latter, the island has a long history of tycoons, show biz stars, members of the international jet- set and the shipping circle partying the summer away, at one or other of the infamous night-clubs in the Old Harbour.
The photographs which have appeared over the years in all the life-style magazines, both in Greece and elsewhere, stand as document to the cosmopolitan spirit of the island, and cement Spetses reputation as one of the places to party till dawn!

Especially during the summer months, most tavernas, restaurants and ouzeris are open through lunchtime, right up to late at night. The large majority of these are to be found in the town area, and the Old Harbour.

The daily "routine" of the mainly-Greek holidaymakers has the fun beginning in late afternoon with coffee on the beach, or at one of the kafenions on the Dapia, perhaps followed by a film at one of the two open-air cinemas in town. Then a stroll to the taverna for a late dinner (no earlier than 10pm) will be followed by some serious partying in the Old Harbour, at one (or many!) of the innumerable bars, or live music shows, with both Greek and foreign music playing till the sun comes up.

Beginning with the morning out-door activities on offer on Spetses, and finishing with the unlimited potential for fun after dark, we endeavour to provide you with just an idea of all the marvellous possibilities there are for visitors here. Enough, should anyone so desire, to fill a whole 24 hours with non-stop pleasure!

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